COVID-19 Staying at home, pre-existing conditions, high risk patients and more...

If you think you might have coronavirus or you’ve been in close contact with someone who has it visit NHS 111 online coronavirus service for advice.

Your right to be protected from infectious diseases

The Covid-19 vaccine is free to everyone in the UK, regardless of whether you are a migrant, are registered with a GP or have an NHS number. Please see this letter from Public Health England.

Well-being while staying at home

Taking care of your mind as well as your body is really important while staying at home because of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Visit NHS Every Mind Matters for advice, practice advice and support groups.

If you cannot wait to see a doctor and feel unable to cope or keep yourself safe, it’s important to get support.

Looking after yourself during the COVID-19 outbreak

Get urgent support now.

Keeping Active

To stay fit and healthy whilst at home, try the NHS Home workout videos.

Request for medical certification

More information about requesting medical certification related to Covid-19 pandemic

Advice for patients with pre-existing conditions

SCR information during pandemic

Please find information for patients explaining how health and social care organisations may use your Summary Care Record information within the health and social care system to protect you and others during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak:

Advice for High Risk Patients