Flu Vaccination Update

We are busy preparing for the 2020 flu vaccinations and this year will be busier, and more complicated, than normal.


  • We will be doing vaccinations in PPE meaning changes between patients and cleans of the environment between patients.
  • All that PPE has to be sourced, stored, shared out, restocked, disposed of.
  • We need to maintain social distancing between patients, so we need to manage the flow of patients through our clinics to keep staff and patients safe
  • Social distancing means need to be innovative, with one way in, one way out of clinics. In our case, we are looking for an alternative building to conduct the clinics.
  • A change of venue would mean notifying CQC, arranging cold chain (to keep the vaccines cold), and LOTS of planning.
  • We are seeing very few patients, so there will be less opportunity to vaccinate opportunistically
  • The additional group of people we have read about on the news, means lots more vaccines are needed: practices order the vaccine a year ahead, so we now need to rely on NHSE / Public Health England to supply additional stock. We haven’t yet been told when this stock will be available
  • Everything takes longer: PPE, cleaning, social distancing. So clinics could now take double the time.
  • The number of housebound patients has increased and home visits for them take much longer
  • We may have staff self isolating

Please rest assured – we are very busy organising this year’s clinics whilst we await further guidance! For all these reason we are not yet able to book appointments for the vaccine.